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Five Reasons to JOIN the
American Society of Dermatology

  ASD keeps you informed. Through FrontLine, regular legislative updates, and special publications. ASD tells you what's going on. . . and how it affects your practice.

  ASD Annual Meetings. . . your invitation to a valuable learning experience and training opportunities on a variety of practice issues.

  ASD is your advocate within national, state and local organizations of the Private Practice Dermatologist.

  ASD means advocacy and support of Medical Savings Accounts as an alternative to all health plans; support for members in dealing with capitation and managed care; continued efforts to insure that patients have and will have free access to specialty care in spite of "Gate Keeper" and other rationing programs; opposition to recertification; and, an increased profile within organized medicine.

  Keep ASD strong. Together it means a secure future for YOU and YOUR patients.

Join or renew your membership in the American Society of Dermatology. Keep strong the only organization that will focus exclusively on the socio-economic needs of private practice dermatologists.

Facts and Figures about ASD...

The American Society of Dermatology (ASD), was founded on February 29, 1992, by a group of 12 dermatologists with the purpose of a new association that focused on the political and socio-economic concerns of dermatologists in private practice.
Through their efforts, the American Society of Dermatology was founded. ASD represents its members in those scientific, educational, socio-economic and legislative areas that affect the practice of dermatology. ASD devotes 100% of its resources to the socio-economic needs of dermatologists in private practice.
Your ASD colleagues face the same challenges you do: capitation, managed care, RBRVS, CLIA, fee negotiations. They've learned that ASD is an excellent way to deal with the challenges and changes thrust upon them.
ASD's Survival Guide to Managed Care Contracting is the best review I've seen. It hits all the issues.
. . . Bernard l. Raskin, M.D., Valencia, California
ASD's legislative alerts have made it easy for me to keep up on health care reform and, more important, to express my views to my representatives.
. . . Lynn Carnmer, M.D., Cedar City, Utah

Together ASD members will make a difference.

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