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Missouri House Direct Access Bill

Second regular session

Introduced by Representative Shear.
Read 1st time February 7, 1996 and 1000 copies 
ordered printed.
				Douglas W.Burnett, Chief Clerk

Relating to certain health care benefits.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the state 
of Missouri, as follows:

Section 1.1. As used in this section, the 
following terms mean: 
2	(1)  "Dermatological services," services 
ordinarily and customarily rendered by a physician 
3	specializing in the practive of dermatology;
4	(2)   "Health benefit policy," any 
individual or group plan, policy, or contract for 
5	health care services issued, delvered, 
issued, delivered, issued for delivery, or renewed 
6	in this state by a health care corportation, 
health maintence organization, accident and 
7	sickness insurer, fraternal benefit society, 
nonprofit hospital service corporation, nonprofit 
8	medical service corporation, or similar 
entity regulated by the department of insurance;
9	(3) "Primary care physician," a physician 
who is board certified or board eligible and  
10    practices in general internal medicine, 
pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology, or family
11	practice.
12	2. No health benefit policy which is issued, 
delivered, issued for delivery, or renewed in this 
13	state on or after August 28, 1996, shall 
require as a condition to the coverage of 
14	dermatological services that an enrollee, 
subscriber, or insured first obtain a referral  
15	from a primary care physician and no such 
health benefit policy shall discriminate against 
16	or impose any extraordinary copayments, 
deductibles, or other financial penalties upon an 
17	enrollee for seeking dermatological services 
without first obtaining a referral from a primary
18	care physician.