American Society of Dermatology
1999 Annual Meeting Audio and Video Tape Request Form

For ordering tapes, please print form, make your selections, and mail with your payment
to the American Society of Dermatology, 411 Hamilton Blvd., #1006, Peoria, IL 61602.

Please indicate your selections by
marking the appropriate choices.
Robert Fine, MD
Professor of Dermatology
Emory University School of Medicine, Decatur, GA
Highlights of the Past Year in Dermatology

Clay Cockerell, MD
Professor of Dermatology
University of Texas
New Perspectives in Dermatopathology

Roger Pilon, PhD, JD
Cato Institute
Washington, DC
U.S. Constitution and the Practice of Medicine
in a Free Society

David Kelley, PhD
Executive Director
The Objectivist Center
Individual Rights and the Welfare State - Analysis of the Current System and Solutions for Health Care

Otto Scott
Editor, Otto Scott's Compass
The United States - The Regulated Society

Melissa Clements, MD
Private Practice, OK
Lasers for Hair Removal and Scarring

Jeremy Snavely
Computer Consultant
Scanning to Solve Your Space Problems

Nabih Abdou, MD, PhD, FACP
Clinical Professor
University of Kansas Medical Center
New Advances in Immunology

Nabih Abdou, MD, PhD, FACP, MD
Clinical Professor
University of Kansas Medical Center
Clinical Immunology as it Relates to Dermatology

Jeremy Snavely
Computer Consultant
How to Set Up a Web Page

Melissa Clements, MD
Private Practice, Oklahoma City, OK
John Kasch, MD
Private Practice, Sacramento, CA
Our Experiences Opting Out of Medicare

Gwenn Klingler
Illinois State Representative
Legislative Strategies

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$ 12.00
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